Getaway Places in India

These are some of the best and well-known vacation places in India. You can visit these places with your family members or loved ones and can create some lifelong memories that are hard to forget.

The beauty of these places speaks for them and justifies the actual reason for the popularity of these best places for vacation in India.

Choose any of the places according to your mood and be sure to have an unforgettable time with your loved ones. Do comment below all your experiences after visiting these places. Also, let us know which of the following places, is your favorite and what makes them so special to you. We would love to hear from you.


Whenever you are dealing with the hot scorching summer of India, the best place to visit is the hill station to relax. Manali is one of the best hill stations that you can visit to have a pleasant and awesome time with your loved ones.

The snow-covered mountains, the cool breeze, and the intense surrounded greenery make Manali the perfect destination.


Shimla is one of the well-known hill stations in India. The place is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists who are looking for that perfect place where they can explore the beauty of nature along with relaxing in the pleasant environment.

You will fall in love with its beauty. It is the perfect combination of Indian beauty and British elegance.


Without a doubt, Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations for the tourists. People from around the world visit the place to witness the mesmerizing beauty and picturesque locations of the place.

Considering the pleasant climatic conditions of Ladakh, you must visit the place during summers. The blue lakes and the blue sky is the dream destination for every biker.


Popularly known as skiing destination king, Auli welcomes the travelers to get some relief from the heat waves of India. It is one of the coolest places which are visited by many tourists throughout the year.

The pleasant surroundings of the place along with the perfect mixture of greenery and snow covered mountains make this place ideal for the travelers of India.


When you are mentioning the tourist places in India, the list won’t get completed without mentioning the name Nainital in it. The beauty of the place along with the soothing and pleasant environment attracts the tourists.

It is one of the most popular destinations in India which is loved by most of the people. It can be easily visited on weekends.


To know about the rich history and culture of India, Jaipur makes the right choice. The place has many attractive locations that reflect the connection of India with its glorious past.

Popularly known as the ‘pink city’, this place is one of the best family vocational spots. Also, make sure to visit the various temples and museums available at this place for having a better idea of India.


Ranikhet is one of those hill stations in India, which apart from delivering the best of nature’s beauty, is also connected with the glorifying history. The place was once the residence of Queen Padmini of the Kumaon region.

Along with many picturesque and mesmerizing destinations, this place offers many historic monuments and places which act as an attraction to the people.

Mount Abu

It is one of the most popular hill stations in India and is one of the major attractions for the tourists for the fact that it is the only hill station in Rajasthan.

The hill station is the perfect mix of the pleasing environment along with many relaxing points. The various temples and lakes attract many people to visit at this location.


There is a reason why this place is called ‘heaven on Earth.’ The unmatched beauty of this place along with the best climatic condition, Srinagar rules the hearts of many tourists. It is one of the few places which are favored by both couples as well as single travelers.

This place will deliver some unforgettable experience to the visitors with its mesmerizing beauty.


If you are a spiritual person and are looking for a place where you can seek the blessings of the Almighty, then there can be no better place than Haridwar.

The place is one of the most blessed and spiritual attraction in India which is visited by thousands of devotees every year. The various temples, picturesque locations, and the various pilgrims are a must visit.


This is another beautiful attraction that is visited by a number of devotees for seeking the blessings of God. The positive atmosphere of the place is one major attraction for the visit of the tourists.

Along with the architectural beauty of the numerous temples, the place is also popular for the various adventurous activities available for the visitors. Rafting is one of the most popular adventures tried here.


There is no comparison of the beauty of this place to any other place as the place is quiet and simple in its appearance. Those people who love the simplicity of the beauty loves visiting places like Dharamshala.

You can easily relax in the pleasing environment of this place. Make sure to visit this flawless beauty to have an enjoyable vocational time with your family members.


One of the most famous hill stations of India, Mukteshwar makes an ideal destination to be visited in summers. The pleasing environment of the place along with the surrounded greenery enhances the charm of the place amongst the tourists.

The fresh air of the place and its perfect routes for the various adventurous sports also encourage many tourists to visit here. It is a gorgeous place to visit.


Although it is not so popular tourist destination as the others, it still is quite an attractive adventurous place to visit. The beauty of the place is soothing during the hot summer months of May and June.

The beautiful view of the picturesque location and the different vegetation and valleys, make the place one of the best attraction for the tourists.


The beautiful place which is rich in greenery is also one of the favorite spots of the tourists who love to visit the different monasteries and ethnic places.

Tawang is a great place where you can find some of the beautiful monasteries which are also a treat in their architecture. You will love the hospitality offered by the local people along with the pleasing weather.


The place is popular amongst the tourists and the vacation lovers for the variety of adventurous activities it delivers. One of the best things that you can try at this place is trekking on the frozen river route.

The chilling surroundings and the mesmerizing beauty of the place to complete the whole picture of making this place as your ideal vacation place in India.


This place needs no introduction when it comes to mentioning the names of the famous and popular hill stations in India. The beautiful surroundings of the place and the pleasant environment are enough to win your heart.

You will love visiting Darjeeling at any time of the year. Other than the tourists, this place is preferred by many couples for enjoying the picturesque locations.


If you are looking for a place which can deliver you with the same charm as that of a foreign destination, then the beauty of Shillong has no comparison. The place has its own charm which acts as an attractive force for directing the tourist towards the place.

There are many attractions that you can find at this place which will surely impress you with its beauty. Don’t miss out on visiting this place to relax in the most pleasing environment.


Talking about the natural beauty which you can experience in Alleppey, it is for sure that you will never be disappointed or will never regret your choice of visiting this place.

It won’t be wrong to say that Alleppey is nothing less than paradise on earth. It is also one of the favorite destinations for the couples who are looking for a place to spend some alone time.


Pelling is the complete package that you can get when looking for the tourist locations in India. It has many places where you can enjoy some quality time with yourself and it also offers you many attractive places to enjoy a gala time with your friends.

The wide collections of the waterfall, mountains, monasteries, lakes, etc., would just make the perfect destination for the tourist to enjoy.


It is the place which is famous for receiving a large amount of rain, is one of the most popular destinations in India for the visit of the tourists. The place offers the tourists with many attractive and picturesque locations that are hard to get over-looked.

If you are someone who loves rains, then you must certainly visit this place. The pleasant surroundings will remove all your stress.


If you want to explore the true side of natural beauty, then a visit to Majuli is the best choice. The place which is popular amongst the tourists as the world’s largest island makes the perfect destination which delivers the best of picturesque views.

If you want a place which gives you a unique experience then Majuli won’t disappoint you with its beauty and calmness.


It is one of the few destinations for the tourists which they can visit in any season. You can visit the place on any weekend when you are in a mood to cherish some enjoyable moments with your loved ones and friends.

The cool environment and the relaxing surrounding of the place make a perfect getaway during the summer times of India.


When you are looking for the tourist destinations in India, it is not possible to not mention Lonavala in that. One of the most popular and easily reachable places, Lonavala would surely amaze you with its mesmerizing beauty.

You can relax in the soothing environment along with clicking lots of pictures in the splendid beauty of the place. You can also witness many amazing activities here.


Not so popular amongst the tourists, this small town is one of the few places that have the perfect balance of beauty and charm to relax the people visiting here.

The natural beauty of the place wrapped in the green surroundings is something that you wouldn’t love to miss. The refreshing locations are perfect to feel rejuvenated. Make sure to visit the place to witness the best beauty.


It is one of the most favorite destinations for vacations for the people of Mumbai and Pune. The place can be easily reached by the local people and this is quite popular for a quick getaway.

You will simply love the beautiful surroundings of the place along with the mesmerizing picturesque locations. There is no denying the fact that you will cherish every moment spent here.


If you are a nature’s lover then Coorg would be such a destination for your vacation that you will fall in love with. The beauty of the place is simply unmatched with any of the other vacation destination in India.

It is the place which is known for offering the best of exotic natural beauty to its visitors. There are many valleys, mountains, and lakes here.


This place is perfect for a vacation for those people who like to explore the rich variety of wildlife of the visited place. The place is rich in its collection of wildlife spices, animals, and birds.

The jungle safari is one of the major attractions of the place which attracts the tourists here. It would be altogether a different experience to spot a tiger in the deep intense green areas.


If you are in a mood to relax and have a vacation with your loved ones in a place that is isolated from the hustles of the daily life, then Coonoor would make the best place to visit.

Visiting the place is just like a treat to the eyes of the visitors which is hard to forget for a long long time. The splendid beauty is an added attraction.


Munnar is one of the most peaceful destinations for vacations with your entire family. The picturesque locations along with the mesmerizing beauty of Munnar deliver the needed treatment to the people.

It combines together the best of everything to make Munnar as one of the most preferred locations for family vacations. It also has a very pleasant atmosphere where you can simply relax.


The never fading beauty of the place is the prime reason because of which most of the people choose this place for their vacations. You can visit the place either all alone to have some relaxing time or can visit the place with your group of friends and family.

The mesmerizing beauty of the place will add wonders to your vacations that you will always cherish.


The place is located near the beautiful lake which is also the major attraction of this vacation spot of India. The place also has a spiritual connection as it is believed that Goddess Sita used to bathe in this lake.

Thus, the locals of this place believe that the lake is blessed with healing powers and thus can overcome many of their problems.


One of the best and popular hill stations of India, Ooty offers the best of picturesque locations and views to its visitors. The place never fails to impress its tourists and people who visit the place to have some enjoyable and gala time.

All the available views of the place not only relax the mind but also appear soothing to the eyes of the people.


It is the well-known hill station in India where one can enjoy the calmness of nature along with the pleasing surroundings. The picturesque destinations of this place invite many people to click some interesting and fun-loving pictures with their loved ones.

You can also enjoy the fun of trekking when you are looking for a joyful activity to be done with the entire family.

Jim Corbett

If you are one of those who loves to explore the different spices of wildlife during your vacations, then Jim Corbett visit is a must.

The place is one of the best places where you can explore the rich variety of exotic wildlife animals which are hard to find anywhere else. You can also connect with nature during your process of exploring the wild spices.


Pushkar guarantees one thing that it will keep you well-entertained with the numerous vacation destinations and locations for its visitors. It is one of the oldest vocational spots in India which still has got its charm.

The beauty of the place is something that will not get ignored. Apart from the natural beauty of the place, you can also entertain yourself with many adventurous activities.


Delhi cannot get ignored when mentioning the best of vacation places in India. The capital of India is one great charm to the visitors and tourists that it never fails to impress the people with its beauty.

The various historic monuments, lakes, gardens, etc., are some of the places that should be visited when you are in Delhi. The energetic surroundings of Delhi will spice up your visit.


Free from all the hassles and stress of the daily life, this place makes the perfect destination for the people who love exploring the beauty of nature. The place offers mesmerizing beautiful locations that are enough to make anybody fall in love with them.

The rich amount of greenery surrounding the place is yet another attraction for the people who visit this place to relax.


One of the favorite places of the party lovers, Goa cannot be missed in the list of vacation places in India. Being the top favorite of people who like to spend their vacations in some energetic surroundings, Goa never gets out of fashion for the people.

The various beaches of this place are some of the best experiences that you will get during your visit with your family.


Popularly known as the land of white sand, Kutch is one of the famous places for enjoying the vacations with your family. You can witness the ultimate beauty of nature in this place along with the pleasant and relaxing surroundings.

The picturesque location of the white dessert is mesmerizing and awesome in its own self. Have a joyful time visiting this unique place in India.

Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer Trio

Rajasthan is popularly known for its desert beauty. But apart from the popular attraction of this place, there are a lot many other attractions that help the place to get distinguished than the others.

The rich collections of valleys, temples, forts, etc., are some of the reason for the popularity of the place amongst the tourists. You can also witness the appealing architecture of these buildings during your visit.


If you are looking for a place where you can get an experience of the snow then visiting Gulmarg would definitely be a good option. The land is just perfect in all ways to be known as the soothing and mesmerizing attraction for the tourist visit.

This is the perfect destination if you are looking for the snow-covered place to stand against the heat waves in India.


One of the well-known and popular vacation places in India, Mussoorie is known for its natural beauty. The place is one of the favorite destinations of many people for a family visit.

The picturesque locations of the place will never let you regret your decision of visiting the place. There are many adventurous activities that you can try in the soothing beauty of this place.


Popularly known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is one of those places which is visited by many people throughout the year.

While most of the people visit the place for trying their luck in the film industry or the glamorous world, there are many who visit the place for admiring its attractions. You can try many unique and distinguished experiences when in Mumbai.


The pleasant and soothing environment of Kasol makes the place one of the most attractive vacation places in India. Throughout the year, many people visit the place to feel relaxed and calm. The cool breeze helps the people to get rid of their stressful life.

The place is also comfortable with trying many adventurous activities and thus the place becomes a complete package for the entire family.