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India.co.in is your local guide to cities, states, and rural life in India, providing easy to use and comprehensive local services and information, cultural view, business information and population destinations, travel and tourism, historical places, directory services, online shopping, news portal, and local business and consumer services. Our roadmap of offerings is wide and vast like the land that we cover; however, we work with dedication to ensure that we have the best possible offering for India and we deploy each part of our website only once it has met our high quality standards. Therefore you will see India.co.in grow as more of the services mentioned above are deployed over the upcoming months. We encourage you to check back regularly and watch as India.co.in provides more and more value and more meaningful impact to your life or your visit to the India.

The Team

India.co.in is run by a team of professionals that have a passion for travel, information, and service. We are a startup with high energy, high moral values, open hearted and carry nationalistic responsibility. Our team is diverse in culture, interests and respect all religious beliefs in India. What brings us together is our common interest in India and our desire to make India.co.in into the best possible local portal for India.

The India.co.in website and domain are privately owned and are not operated by or affiliated with any government or state authority. India.co.in is a publication of Parisista Technologies, incorporated in Bengaluru city in the year of 2010.

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If you have big ideas or content that you feel can help in enriching the India.co.in portal, and that can help common people living in  or outside India or visiting India, then please reach out to us with your proposal and how you want to be involved. While we can't follow or pursue every idea, we do read all the feedback that we get and we do firmly believe the best ideas will come from people like you who love India