Celebrate Independence Day

5 Ways To Celebrate This Independence Day With Your Kids

Independence Day is a national holiday all of us look forward to every year. Growing up, we are sure everybody has fond memories of the festival- from the flag hoisting, enacting plays, history lessons and most importantly feeling that infectious patriotic zeal in hearts. For kids, the day is even more special. Schools have special celebrations on this day, that kids look forward to. However, because of the pandemic, the celebrations will be done a little differently, with many of us resorting to virtual wishes and greetings.

If you have kids at home, we are sure they might be missing the celebrations. However, that doesn't mean you can let go of the festive cheer. Here are some ways you can celebrate Independence Day festivities in a safe way, without stepping out of your home.

1. Have virtual poetry recitation competition Independence Day celebrations in schools and colleges were looked forward to. Kids can connect with their peers online and celebrate the day. From poetry recitation, quizzes, speeches and debates, there's a lot that can be done over a video call.

2. Encourage play acting

Dressing up kids in special costumes and seeing them play act can make for a fun celebration. If you have the costumes at home, kids could dress up and enact the roles of patriotic leaders. Virtual competitions could also be a good idea.

3. Cook up special Independence day meals

Tricolour recipes and dishes could add a lot of flavour to your day and as we all know, any Indian festival is incomplete without preparing some delicacies. Cooking up a feast could also be a learning lesson for your kids. Get them to the kitchen and take their help in preparing the dishes.

4. Watching patriotic movies as a family

There are a lot of movies and documentaries based on India's freedom fighters and the struggle to achieve independence, which everyone can watch as a family.

5. Ask kids to express what Independence Day means to them

Most importantly, Independence Day should be about celebrating and upholding values which our country was built on. Parents can ask kids to write essays on what Independence Day celebrations mean to them, what do they like the most about the day.