Fashion accessory

 A fashion accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit, often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer's look.. Fashion accessories and costume jewellery are things that are used to complement fashion. Accessories facilitate highlight address or attire. They can additionally facilitate to cover a weakness of a dress. Trends are endlessly set by adding accessories to different outfits. Accessories change a complete look, from purse to shoes to earrings and beaded necklaces to leg warmers. Accessories could also be used as external visual symbols of religious or cultural affiliation: Crucifixes, human stars, Muslim headscarves, skullcaps and turbans are common examples. India is credited as one of the oldest and protracted country for making jewellery round the globe. With its glitter, tradition and latest fashion Indian jewellery entices the total world in the web of desire to at least own expensive designed jewellery forever.


Jute Jewellary

Jute is one of the most used natural fibers, spun into long, coarse threads. Popularly known as the ‘golden fiber’ it's one of the strongest in natural fibers and can be colored in any color. The previous few years have seen a rise in the demand and supply of jute based costume jewellary. A variety of jute jewellary made from top quality jute including Jute Earrings, Jute Bracelets, Jute Anklets, jute necklace .Products are factory-made by a team of inventive craftsmen and artisans who are working in this discipline since varied generations. They design their range in modern designs with special attention being laid on color, finishing and embellishment. The perfect mix of innovative work force and latest machines provides us a precise equation to manufacture unmatched articles for today's demanding customers. The last decade has witnessed a growing demand for jute based fashion jewellery. A variety of things are in demand in uk, USA, Canada, and the European union. India and China are some of the important jute fashion jewellery manufacturers.



This art in India is another style of clay art of the country typically brownish orange in color. Terracotta jewellery is also a very important element of terracotta art in India. The beautiful terracotta works are ideally used for decoration. People in states of Bihar, Bengal and Gujarat prepare clay figures to propitiate their Gods and Goddesses, throughout festivals. Gorakhpur in province is that the home to exquisite clay figures of animals. Clay potters of West Bengal, in Kolkata and its suburbs are famous for creating clay and terracotta idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Hindu deity (the Elephant God), Durga, dancing Nataraj, Shiva and Buddha. In the present age, this jewellery has gained a lot of prominence even among the urban population of the country.

It can be said that India has been the house land of terracotta and nowadays because of the flexibility of the art it has cut across every kind of barriers it's become a part of almost of each Indian household in various forms.


Terracotta jewelry

Terracotta (baked earth) jewelry is a rage among style conscious girls. This eco friendly material is used to make ethnic and hanging jewelry items in lovely color mixtures. The styles of terracotta costume jewelry items are inspired from mythology, nature, ancient motifs, and geometrical patterns. India is one of the leading countries producing top quality and fine finish terracotta jewelry. US, UK, Canada and Australia are some of the largest importing regions. Terracotta is used to manufacture a variety of costume jewellery items including: Terracotta jewelry, Terracotta Earrings, Terracotta band, Terracotta Bracelets and Terracotta Hoops.


Terracotta Necklace:

Terracotta Necklaces are created in numerous conventional designs to attract the young crowd and also the fashion-conscious divas. It represents an affordable substitute for items in precious metals. The jewelry are created in massive numbers through the use of molds, thus reducing the value of both labor and material.


Terracotta Earrings:

Terracotta jewelry has created a comeback, with designers watching newer materials not only available in ancient styles and bright color but are eco-friendly also as cheap. In recent years, terracotta jewelry has gained popularity because of the convenience with which it can be crafted into jhumka, danglers, hoops, studs.


Terracotta Armlet:

Terracotta armlets usually go well with ancient dresses. These armlets created out of terracotta can be worn on any occasion and by all age groups because of their ethnic appearance. It adds category to the other reasonably jewels one is carrying.


Terracotta Bracelets:

The terracotta bracelets with hand painted pictures over them are extremely wanted .It is created special for people who prefer to be look totally different than others. Bracelets beads are made of terracotta ( roast clay) an stretchable rubber is used to give it elasticity to be acceptable all sizes of hands. eye catching colors are used to be additional look.


Terracotta Hoops

Terracotta hoops jewelry symbolizes quality and tradition. These hoops are largely created in states of India and sold-out the world over as well as USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The styles of terracotta costume jewelry items are inspired from mythology, nature, ancient motifs, geometrical patterns etc. Semi precious metals and stones, wood are typically teamed up with terracotta to create exclusive styles.


Cane and Bamboo Jewellary

Bamboo is a type of plant that is widely used for creating furniture, handicrafts, and jewellary. Being perennial in nature throughout the year and its strength and beauty has created Bamboo quite popular in numerous aspects of life since many centuries. The bamboo has its origins in China where records show it being used to make everyday things. Being an affordable and quickly renewable supply the bamboo was utilised in nearly each industry. Artifacts found to show that the bamboo was used to produce cave paintings, scrolls, carvings and a lot more. The technique of splicing, sharpening and weaving is painstaking and smaller the piece, the more difficult it's to form. The warm yellow luster of bamboo makes it an ideal alternative as an accent to precious jewellery. Its ability to retain dyes expands its selection in colours. Bamboo adds natural class to jewellery crafted in gold particularly when combined with pearls or diamonds. Bamboo jewellery is handmade by gifted artisans using metal, fine braided wire, and enamel. They have multicolored blending to provide an image of three dimensional contours to take numerous attractive forms and realistic shading. These are particularly decorated on the reverse with counter enameling which minimizes tarnishing, strengthens items, and enhances appearance; this practice is unusual in bamboo’s price range.


Bidri craft

Bidri craft is practiced in Bidar-Karnataka, in Andhra Pradesh and in Maharashtra – bordering Karnataka. The metallic used is a blackened alloy of zinc and copper embellished with thin sheets of pure silver. The durable answer of cupric Sulphate typically |this can be} often accustomed coat the shape provides it the black coating. Amonium chloride paste is likewise rubbed in to induce a deep black. Silver wire or strips are ironed into the carved styles and so buffed for the lustre. Bidri craft devices typically have many individual super forming on the particular stages of the manufacturing.


Silver filigri

Silver filigri is a delicate form of metalwork, usually of silver and gold, created with little beads or twisted threads, or each together, soldered along or to the ground of an item of the identical steel and arranged in creative motifs. Wandering workmen are given lots gold, coined or tough, which is heated in a pan of charcoal and weighed, crushed into twine, after that labored within the grounds of the business enterprise's residence in keeping with the styles of the creator, who weighs the entire paintings on restoring it and is paid at a special charge for his labour. Terribly superior grains or beads and spines of gold, scarcely thicker than coarse hair, sticking from plates of gold are techniques of ornamentation yet used.


Lac bangles

Lac bangle is the most beautiful accessory and an ornament of a girl. Girls love carrying bangles, be it in any metallic, say gold, silver or diamond. if those precious metals burn hole to your pocket then pass for various substitutes that don't seem to be simplest price powerful but are accessible a variety of colors. Lac bangles have a touch of sophistication and richness. They may be very in style among ladies’ and with problematic detailing of master skill, lac bangles are the foremost stylish gadgets inside the fashion aware generation. They're lavishing and marvelous. To boost lac bangles in good and admirable designs, craftsman imparts advanced designs on it. Rock crystal, vibrant colorations, semi admired stones, pearls, mirror and glass paintings are accustomed enhance those bangles. Lac bangles are in a very notable demand. From stripling ladies to girls running in massive company to housewives, anyone desires to embrace the magic of lacquer bangles.



Leather-based is a material that has been utilized by humans to make garments and accessories, extended previous the fashion enterprise as we are aware of it seemed. It has been altogether eras, with the assistance of pretty heaps every life-style which they knew why they were choosing it. Leather-based may be a tremendous material that protects the build or goods; it's at ease and durable. Leather -based is associate particularly durable material, significantly if it's of excessive quality. The whole heap seems additional effective in leather: leather wallets look higher than plastic wallets; leather-based pants look additional badass than cotton pants. Today where in style is typically suspect of not being environmental-pleasant, proudly owning leather things is simply the way to be ecofriendly and trendy.