In Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are known as the three doshas, or regulating forces of nature. Ayurvedic wisdom holds that equilibrium or balance of these three doshas is extremely important.


Vata embodies the energy of movement and is associated with wind. Vata is linked to creativity and flexibility; and movement especially, of the breath, the heart, muscle contractions, cellular mobility and communication through the mind and the nervous system.

Primary Element: Air + Ether


Pitta represents the energy of transformation and so is associated with fire. Pitta is neither mobile nor stable, but spreads like the warmth of fire that permeates its surroundings. Pitta is closely related to intelligence, understanding, and digestion.

Primary Element: Fire + Water


Kapha lends structure, solidity, and cohesiveness, and is associated with the earth and water elements. Kapha also embodies the watery energies of love and compassion. This dosha hydrates all cells and systems, lubricates the joints, and moisturizes the skin.

Primary Element: Water + Earth