This Is Why Paddle Board Yoga Is Amazing

A variation of stand up paddle surfing coalesced with Yoga, Paddle Board Yoga originated in Rishikesh, India. Blending Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yo asanas, or poses with surfing, the sport reinvigorates your body, mind and spirit in one go.

Paddle Board Yoga is not like regular Yoga that one does on a mat. As the name of the sport suggests, such a type of Yoga is done on the paddle board. Keeping you on your toes, the challenge is not only getting your postures right but also maintaining a balance on the surf board, which is afloat. An exercise regime that keeps you motivated, Paddle Board yoga ensures you stay focused. According to the National Institute of Health (US), “Mixing it up also helps to reduce boredom and cut your risk of injury.” Beating just about any gym in the world, Paddle Board Yoga is fun, beautiful, healthy, and exceedingly relaxing.

So if your Yoga routine is getting a little dreary and uninspiring, Paddle Board Yoga might just be what you’re looking for.

  • The health factor

    That Yoga can work wonders for your health is not a bolt from the blue. However, regular exercises can become monotonous, making the regime boring for you. With Paddle Board Yoga, you can bring back the spark in your routine.

  • Revamp your core strength

    Without the stability of a firm ground, this Yoga becomes highly challenging, forcing you to employ your core stabilizer muscles. Different from traditional yoga practices, this sport urges you to step up your game and put your heart and soul into the present. After all, you cannot afford to be distracted when you are on a surfing board in water.

  • Feel one with the nature

    Do you have aquaphobia? If you find yourself nodding, then Paddle Board Yoga will certainly bring you out of the nether depths of your fear. Additionally, you are bound to feel one with nature. Reclining on the paddle board while staring at the ripples created in the water beneath you, you can strengthen your muscles and clear your mind of all the materialistic woes haunting your life.

  • Bond with friends and family

    Paddle Board Yoga is great when done in solitude, yes, but it is even better when your loved ones are keeping you company. Sharing your experience after a rigorous routine of Yoga can bring you closer to your loved ones, and give you a sense of belonging.

  • Anyone can do it

    From toddlers, to people over the age of 70, anyone and everyone can get on a paddle board and start practicing Yoga. Of course, the complexity of the poses will vary from age to age, but the crux of the matter is that Paddle Board Yoga doesn’t need much expertise. A Yoga pose that you can practice on land, can be easily learnt and replicated on a surf board.

Goa and Kerala are among the numerous places in India, where you can experience Paddle Board Yoga. If you’re a nature enthusiast who loves to bask in the sun, breathe in fresh air, and be surrounded by water, then Paddle Board Yoga is definitely something you ought to try.