Soothe Your Tired Back With Yoga

If you’re to look at the lifestyle of a quintessential working person with a nine to five job, the answer to why backaches are becoming increasingly common will come easily to you. Take anybody and you’ll realize that this lifestyle requires a lot of sitting. Physiologically speaking, this prolonged sitting causes the Hamstring and Iliopsoas muscles to shorten, causing strain on the lower back.

But what’s the solution? The very nature of a working professional’s lifestyle necessitates extended periods of sitting, and there’s no easy escape from this routine. Does that mean one needs to silently endure backache or pop painkillers every now and then to desist the pain? Absolutely not! All you need to do is incorporate some simple and relaxing yoga exercises into your otherwise taxing schedule.

Here are four easy yoga exercises that you should make a regular practice:

  1. The Two-Knee Twist: One of the most effective yoga asanas to combat backache, the two-knee twist does not require more than ten minutes. Just lie on your back, bend your knees towards your chest, and spread your arms like an eagle. Now slowly lower your knees to the right as you exhale, and hold this position for about two minutes. Repeat the same on the left side.

  2. The Sphinx: Lie on your stomach and gradually rise like a cobra, propping yourself up on your forearms. Make sure that your elbows are directly under your shoulders and press your palms and feet firmly on the ground. If you do this right, you’re likely to feel sensations in your lower back. At this point, inhale and exhale deeply to allow blood to flow into your lower back. This will aid the healing of the back.

  3. The Legs Up the Wall: A great way to soothe your lower back muscles, this exercise may look hard in the first go. But remember, yoga is always easier than it looks. Simply scoot your buttocks against the wall and let your feet swing up the wall. Not only is this an excellent way of relaxing the lower back muscles, but it also drains stagnant fluid from your ankles and feet.

  4. The All Direction Back Stretch: The all direction back stretch is unarguably one of the most beneficial yoga techniques, largely because you can practice it anywhere and anytime. Sit comfortably, but straight, in Sukhasana (cross-legged pose). Keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t forget to put on a vibrant smile before you start. You can lengthen the spine, twist the spine to the right and left, or bend the spine backward and forward. The benefits of the all direction back stretch, range from improving the body posture to completely relaxing the exhausted back.

Please note, however, if you’re suffering from a slip disc or any other back injury, it is strongly advised that you consult your physician before practicing any of the above exercises.